Day Lighting

Using the light from the sun to illuminate the buildings for 8-10 hours during the day is called day lighting.

Day lighting has many benefits

Energy Benefits

  • Reduces electrical costs
  • No maintenance costs
  • Zero cost inflation

Health Benefits

  • Improves health and well-being
  • Reduces eye strain
  • Lowers fatigue

  1. How it works
  2. Actual Light Pipe
  3. Uses
  4. Rainwater Harvesting
  5. Vertical Modular Filter
  6. Installation
  7. Current Scenario
  8. Benefits

How it works

The day lighting system consists of three components

  • Light Collector:

The light from the sun is collected and diverted effectively into the tube by the collector.

  • Reflective System:

The reflective tube efficiently transmits the maximum light without any loss up to the diffuser.

  • Light Diffuser:

The diffuser blocks the heat and disperses the light uniformly inside the building.


Some Actual Light Pipe Applications

Day lighting provides cool natural light to illuminate the interiors of a building. If effectively used, it provides excellent light for almost 10 hours – from 8 am to 6 pm. During this time, the electricity is not needed. The sun itself provides the light – without any heat. A typical single Light Pipe can illuminate approx. 500 sq.ft


How we have used it

The daylight effect inside the basement eliminating need of electricity during the day

Day lighting Curb on top of podium parking to provide light


Where we have used it

  • Basement Parking
  • Stairwell Lighting
  • Lobby Lighting


Rainwater Harvesting by Jaloday

  • Incident Rainfall Rooftop & Surface Water Collected & Channelized strategically Rainwater is filtered Recharged at 100mtrs depth from top within minutes Water Bulb forms at the bottom of recharge points
  • Rise of Water Table from BOTTOM to TOP Augmented Water Table

Pre-cast Vertical Modular Filter

  • Pre-cast Vertical filters Inlet Channels for Surface Water


  • Pre-cast Vertical filters Filtration Process with Installation

Installation Sites

  • Pre-cast Vertical filters Installation Sites

  • Pre-cast Vertical filters Installation Sites

Current Scenario without Rainwater Harvesting

Benefits of Rainwater Harvesting


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